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Alligator Weed has Lake Wylie residents concerned


After weeks of cleaning up debris left by flooding, some Lake Wylie homeowners are dealing with a new problem… weeds. It has one resident worried about the future of his property.

"If it's not removed, it's a water born kudzu," said Lake Wylie Marine Commission Vice Chairman Brad Thomas.

Thomas says flooding from more than a month ago on the Lake, has brought Alligator Weed downstream and much of it landed on the shores of Lake Wylie homes, including his.

"We've received somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 to 5,000 square feet of the alligator weed," said Thomas.

The South American native invasive plant can grow on either dry land or in water.

Just like the debris Thomas removed from the lake following last month's flooding, residents are responsible for getting rid of the Alligator weed too.

Thomas said it took three full dump trucks to remove the weeds from his property.

"It was a tremendous headache. It was a three day undertaking. We had to pull it out and let it dry for about two weeks just to reduce the weight," said Thomas.

The only way to get rid of the Alligator Weed is like any other weed, you have to pull it up by its roots. If, not, it'll continue to spread and that has residents concerned.

Thomas is grateful he had the tools to remove the weeds, but worries about neighbors who don't.

"If left untouched and unchecked it will grow and would eventually take over all of the area of the lake," said Thomas.

That could mean a big nuisance for residents.

To give the region some help, The Lake Wylie Marine Commission will host a Riversweep next month to help rid the lake of debris and the ever creeping Alligator.

That Riversweep will take place on October 5th.

The Marine Commission says spraying chemicals on the Alligator weed is not recommended, because it might contaminate the lake.


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