Crisis in Syria: What happens now?

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Next step to end Syria crisis

President Obama delivered his address to the nation last night. Did you watch it? There is a lot go over. We'll air some of what he said and let you know what the next step is as Obama explores the proposal Russia is issuing to get chemical weapons out of the Syrian government's hands.

We also talked to local Syrians in Charlotte, who invited us in their home while they watched the speech. They gave us an earful after the president's address. We'll let you hear their perspective too.

Also, the votes came in last night after the polls closed in the primary election. We'll tell you who the candidates are that voters will choose from in November to succeed former Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx.

We have the latest on the U.S. Airways/American fight in court to make this merger happen. WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee is on that story.

I have to go now. There is a lot more to talk about today. See you on the air!