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Parents discover sex offender's home near school bus stop


After learning their child's school bus stop was located next to the home of a convicted sex offender, a Cleveland County couple no longer felt safe sending their child to school.

The couple, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted the school and WBTV for help. 

"They requested us to change the established stop," Director of Transportation, David Pless said. 

The parents got their wish.

"We are able to continue on the route on Fallston Road and make our stops on the northern end. Then as we are coming back by on Fallston road, we are able to make a right side stop," Pless said. "I know how these parents feel. I have a kid of my own."

The family told WBTV they are happy with the change the school made. 

Pless said the district runs into this issue several times a year. 

In fact, it is an issue the district closely monitors. Certain websites allow school leaders to pinpoint the exact location of every sex offender living in the district.

"The red dot here shows exactly where the registered sex offender lives," Pless said, pointing to a dot on his computer screen.

But there are challenges the school faces. People move. And sometimes the school loses track of that information. 

Pless' advice to parents: be proactive. Go online to the sex offender registry and know who lives in your neighborhood.

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