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McCrory, Berger blasted for new TV ads

NC Senate leader Phil Berger has released an new ad touting the new Voter ID bill, and criticizing Sen. Kay Hagan for her stance on the issue NC Senate leader Phil Berger has released an new ad touting the new Voter ID bill, and criticizing Sen. Kay Hagan for her stance on the issue

RALEIGH, N.C. (WECT/AP) – Two prominent North Carolina Republicans and their allies are pushing back against critics by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on television ads and other media trying to promote their policies.

An outside group led by political friends of Gov. Pat McCrory announced it's running a commercial in three TV markets over the next month. The Renew North Carolina Foundation ad features McCrory talking up his agenda at what looks like a meet-and-greet event in someone's home. The Foundation is chaired by longtime McCrory ally John Lassiter but is not required to release its donors. Click here to see the group's website, which features the new McCrory commercial.

The North Carolina Democratic Party sent a news release to media Monday criticizing Renew North Carolina Foundation, calling it "McCrory's dark money group" and countering the points McCrory makes in the commercial. "Gov. McCrory and his political allies must really be spooked to go up on air 3 years out from his election," Micah Beasley, a spokesman for the NCDP said in the email news release.  "The ad is a blatant distortion of the truth behind extremist policies imposed by the Republican General Assembly and rubber-stamped into law by Gov. McCrory."

State Senate leader Phil Berger began airing an ad Monday on cable TV in his district talking about the new voter identification law approved this year.  Berger is considering a U.S. Senate bid next year against incumbent Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan.  Click here to visit Berger's website to see the Voter ID ad.  

Berger's campaign also blasted Hagan in an email release announcing the ad. "Kay Hagan pretends she's a moderate in North Carolina, but she votes like a liberal in Washington. Someone that out-of-touch has no business representing us in the U.S. Senate,"  said Berger in the release.

 Hagan's press office sent a news release Monday, criticizing Berger's ad saying the ad "…fails to mention that this new law cuts off a week of early voting, eliminates pre-registration for high schoolers, and ends same-day registration while expanding the ability of parties to use unlimited corporate money and doing away with the requirement that candidates or groups "stand by their ad" by stating who paid for the ad." 

"Kay is standing up for access to the ballot box for all voters because she believes this fundamental right shouldn't be a political football," Preston Elliott, Hagan's Campaign Manager said in the email news release. "Phil Berger can self-promote all he wants, but at the end of the day, his disastrous record in the General Assembly and attempts to open up elections to corporate influence will speak for themselves. North Carolinians need leaders focused on jobs and rebooting the economy for middle class families, not politicians willing to mislead voters just to throw political potshots."

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