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Vigil for murder victim caps off violent week in Charlotte

It's been violent week across Charlotte. A senseless cycle of crime scenes roped off by yellow police tape and vigils held by candlelight.


The latest held Friday night in Grier Heights,  for James Lockhart, a man police say was murdered while sitting in his car.

Joe, who didn't want to give his last name, grew up with Lockhart.

"He had an uplifting smile and an uplifting soul," he recalled. "If he could help somebody out, he would."

Lockhart's murder was part of a deadly Labor Day holiday weekend. The violence continued this week and even spilled over to a vigil for another murder victim Thursday night. Police say someone shot four people after firing into a crowd of mourner.  

Joe wonders how much more the city can take.

"Really can't do nothing but praying about the situation. Hope it get better and hope the killing will stop."

Another mourner at Friday's vigil – didn't want to give her name but says she's lost a loved one to violence and knows what the victim's family is going through.

"People have to take responsibility for themselves and stop killing each other," she said. "Stop killing other people."

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