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School bus driver caught not following safety measures

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg school (CMS) district is responding to a picture a viewer sent to WBTV. The picture shows a school bus dropping students off. They cross the street and the bus' safety arm is not out.

"I was concerned and amazed." the person who took the picture said.

The woman who took the picture doesn't want her name used but she wants the picture seen so this can be prevented.

"She didn't have flashing lights or her stop sign out," she said. "And so I got really concerned. And I watched to see if there were any other cars coming down, I didn't see any."

WBTV sent the picture to CMS. It admits there was a problem in the picture. CMS says its records show the bus driver did use the safety arm but it appears the driver deactivated it too soon. The district says the safety arm is to stay out until all students have crossed the street.

Parents are concerned that safety measure wasn't followed.

"I think that is very dangerous," CMS parent Danasia Davis said. "Because that is letting the cars know that they can probably turn or not turn."

The school district says it will now remind drivers of the rules so this doesn't happen again. Last year four NC students died while crossing the street while getting off their school bus.

CMS has about 1000 buses transporting more than 126,000 students this school year.

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