Women take over fantasy football

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For these Charlotte women fantasy football isn't just for their boyfriends or husbands.

"I'm going to win this year. I'm going to at least make the playoffs this year let me tell you that," says Andrea Harper.

The group of women formed their own fantasy league three years ago.

"It's a competitive sport I'm a competitive person," say Carolyn Benton.

The ring leader is Andrea. "Sunday is all about football," she says.

During the day, she works in sales but on Sunday and Monday nights, it's all about her draft picks.

"You can actually talk about it get involved go to the bars with the guys and watch it because you're actually watching your player," said Andrea.

Chinette Stevenson is the league's defending champion.

"I know that some people do actually put money in to kind of sweeten the deal," said Chinette.

"But we're just playing for fun."

Tonja Turner is also a former champion and confident about her team.

"I have a great running back core."

And like the real game, there is plenty of trash talk to go around, even I got into it!

"I didn't get the quarterbacks that I wanted, Matthew Stafford and I ended up with Eli Manning," said Tonja.

Reporter: "What's wrong with Eli?"

But unlike the real game, I learned that even though the quarterback of my favorite team is a two time champ on the field that doesn't mean he'll make you the champ of your league.

"That's different than fantasy, totally different," said Tonja.

"It does not translate."

The women have advice for other females wanting to join a league.

They all say to first do your research on players, make sure they are healthy players who will deliver you constant points and of course remember to just have fun.

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