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WBTV Boob Tube: Team Molly

This time of year is special for my mom.

She's a two time breast cancer survivor, still battling the second go-round. My grandmother (her mom) was a breast cancer survivor. My great-grandmother, who I never met, died of breast cancer in 1944.

Years ago, I went through the BRCA I and BRCA II gene test. Results came back negative. That's supposed to mean I'm no more likely to get breast cancer than any other woman walking down the street. But when one in eight women are diagnosed, it's not really a true comfort.

JOIN ME: Join WBTV Boob Tube - Team Molly by clicking here.

One in eight.

How many do you know?

If you can name even one... join THE 25,000 OF US who "Race for the Cure"! It's Saturday, October 5th. Last year "Team Molly" was the 7th largest team out of 729 teams in Charlotte. We raised almost $7,000.

We can be even more amazing this year.

It's so easy. IT'S SO EASY! Click here to join WBTV Boob Tube Team Molly. Then follow instructions. For a $35 tax-deductible registration fee you get TWO t-shirts: a Komen Charlotte AND a WBTV Boob Tube "Team Molly". If you can't show up but want to help, either donate or join the team by checking "Sleeping in for a Cure" option. (You still get both t-shirts by "Sleeping in for a Cure".)

You can walk or run. You don't need to be competitive. You just need to care.

If you have questions, just ask:
Email: mgrantham@wbtv.com
Facebook: "WBTV's Molly Grantham"

Bring your family. Friends. Co-workers. Neighbors. This team, Race and cause is the Real Deal.

I'm excited. Together, I know we can find a cure.


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