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Woman follows her calling as neighborhood missionary


Freddie Power goes says God directs her mission ventures into neighborhoods all over the Charlotte area. The Fort Mill woman has been a missionary for 21 years and says still, her 7-day-a-week mission is the love of her life.

"I love it. I never get tired of it. The day I get here and I don't want to come is when I won't do it anymore. For 21 years I've been coming here and I can not wait to get here and see these little kids," Power said.

Wednesday afternoon we caught up with Freddie in a neighborhood on 30th Street in North Charlotte. Children almost swarmed her as they ran from the school bus. Instantly the grandmother of 7 was showered with hugs and kisses and almost 40 reminders of why she continues her work every day.

"When we first came here they were a little bit standoffish from us because they didn't know what we were doing and all I say is come to the bible study, oh yeah we'll come to the bible study," Power said.

She leads mission work in Africa as well but her simple sidewalk sermon teaches Charlotte kids about the Bible.

Power says her visits and the kindness she shares with children is something they'll never forget.

"They need hope. They need someone to hug them and tell them you love them and God loves them and they're ok, and that's it," Power said.

For more information on Freddie Power and her ministries, check out her website at http://keepinghopealiveministries.org

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