Real estate boom creates Charlotte jobs

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Edwin Wilson and Michael Doney have worked in real estate for the past five years.

"Bringing together opportunity to builders and then we help them put together the entire project from design and coordination and then execution out to the market," said Edwin.

Many businesses shut their doors during the recession. Five Points Realty also took a hit until recently.

"It was a lot of work to keep things going," said Edwin.

The up tick in business for their company can be attributed to the comeback of the housing industry.

Edwin said they "have seen more demand in the areas that they work in."

Homebuilders like Edwin and Michael have dozens of projects in the works and can hardly keep up with demand.

"We are in this one that's completed and now has been put on the market we've got right around the corner one that's frame with a roof and one where the foundation is staked out."

The low prices of homes are fueling the real estate comeback, said Edwin. And the boom in construction has a huge multiplying effect.

"You have architects, draftsmen, surveyors, attorneys, to constructions crews all the way down to electricians, plumbers trim carpenters," said Edwin.

The good news is the housing industry in the Charlotte area is going to create thousands of jobs over the next few years says Edwin.

"These are bona fide permanent jobs. As small businesses grow; they generally add business or add workers for anticipated demand and actual demand."

Edwin Wilson with Five Points Realty believes this current housing boom in the Charlotte area could last at least two years, if the economy continues to improve and interest rates will remain relatively low.

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