BREAKING: Ariel Castro found dead in cell

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BREAKING: Ariel Castro commits suicide in jail cell

This news broke overnight while you were sleeping. We received word into the WBTV newsroom Ariel Castro, the man convicted of kidnapping and torturing three women for a decade, hanged himself. He was found by guards. WBTV's Astrid Martinez is on this breaking news story getting in depth details. We also have reaction from the Ohio community of neighbors who live near the Castro home.

LIVE: We have new details on the accident in Uptown Charlotte where a pedestrian was struck and killed. How fast was the vehicle involved going? Was there alcohol involved? WBTV Cam Man Ron Lee is asking those questions and getting answers. He has a full report.

More public calls for an investigation into the high pay of some of Governor McCrory's staff members are being made public. We'll tell you about the latest teacher advocacy group that is demanding someone look into the numbers. Also, McCrory suffered a defeat in the state House from his own party looking to override his two vetoes. We have details on that.

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