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Woman complains she can't get exposed cable buried

This Sept. 4, 2013 photo shows the cable has been buried. This Sept. 4, 2013 photo shows the cable has been buried.

A Charlotte woman said after multiple calls to her Internet provider a cable wire is still exposed above ground on her property.

People in her neighborhood South of Ballantyne said they keep tripping over the cable wire out on the street. It's not live, but it is a dangerous safety hazard. That's why she called us for help.

Evelyn Pimplaskar needs her Internet service because she works from home. But on Wednesday, August 21, it stopped working.

"They got it up and running right away," said Evelyn standing in her driveway, "They did not tell me, this how they're going to do it."

She said the Time Warner Cable technicians laid a long cable across her property on Travis Gulch Drive.

And during the first couple of days it wasn't laying flat.

"This loop was up in the air and has been for the most part.  I have not touched it at all," said Evelyn.

She said she contacted Time Warner Cable six times about getting it buried and showed copies of her Web chats with customer service.

On Monday, her neighbors said it needs to buried.  And Evelyn said utility crews haven't even come out yet to prep her property.

"I've been told it's going to be buried. I don't see how they can bury it when nothing has been marked," said Evelyn.

But on Tuesday her lawn was sprayed with orange and yellow lines and almost ready to be dug up.

"This has been expedited," said Evelyn, "As soon as those lines are marked it's going in the ground."

WBTV called Time Warner Cable and explained what the long cable looked like and Evelyn's safety concerns.

She said in less than 24 hours, two technicians went to her house.

"This has happened because you guys got involved," said Evelyn, "I had a week of frustration calling customer service, got absolutely no results. And as soon as they got a phone call from you guys they moved very quickly."

A Time Warner Cable spokesperson said they're sorry for the inconvenience.  "And they'll do two things, get the cable buried and figure out where the communication breakdown happened so it doesn't happen again."

Evelyn said the company has tacked down the cable, but she wants it out of sight by Friday as promised.

On Wednesday, Evelyn sent us a new set of photos showing that the cable company came out that morning and buried the cable. It is now out of everyone's way.

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