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College sinkhole to cost $1.5 million to fix


Catawba Valley Community College President Garrett Hinshaw says repair costs for a failed drain line on campus will likely be close to one and a half million dollars.

The drain line collapsed on July 27 when the area received as much as 10 1/2 inches of rain.

The collapsing pipe caused a sinkhole 30 feet deep and 60 feet across. It happened just across from the school's Tarlton Complex, one of the most heavily used buildings on campus. 

Officials said repairs will have to go beyond the hole itself to replace all of the underground pipe connected to the failed section. It means the main throughway across campus will remain closed and some sections of parking lots will too.

Repairs are expected to take several months. To pay for it, officials hope to get some help from federal disaster funds through FEMA and also expect some insurance money as well.

The rest of the cost will be paid for out of the Capital Repair account. That account is used for classroom and other campus repairs that are needed from time to time.

Though officials did not ask for money from the Catawba County Commission on Tuesday morning, officials did indicate they would have to come back to commissioners at some point to do just that.

"We will have to replenish the fund sometime this year or next," said Hinshaw.

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