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Lancaster Co. schools beef up security in wake of recent shootings


After the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary last year and the most recent school shooting in Winston-Salem and Atlanta, school officials in Lancaster County are beefing up security in more ways than one to ensure the safety of their students.

"I think it's awful, the violence that happens in schools," said parent Jennifer Prete.

Prete is a parent of three Lancaster County schools students and says it heartbreaking to see gun violence spilling into schools.

One of the more recent shootings happened just last week in Winston-Salem, when a high school student was shot during a fire drill.

Events like this and last year's Sandy Hook Elementary massacre has prompted schools officials in Lancaster County to take extra measure to protect students.

"It doesn't matter the size of the town or the location whether it's urban or rural, we recognize there's always a threat," said Lancaster County Schools Director of Safety Bryan Vaughn.

Vaughn says the school district performed safety audits to see where they needed improvement.

Then the school board approved an additional $600,000 to its safety budget for this school year, bringing the total to a million dollars.

Vaughn say the money will pay for emergency training for staff and administrators, a badge system for the districts 1,600 employees, new construction in schools to limit access to unwanted visitors and surveillance systems to keep a watchful eye.

"We have installed about 765 cameras and when you take in account the cameras on our buses, we have over 1,000 cameras that protect our kids," said Vaughn.

"It tells me they our putting our children first which is the motto of our school district. They really do care about our kids and their safety," said Prete.

"It makes me feel good as a parent knowing my kids are safe when they go to school," she continued.

The School district also implemented a new policy that requires all teachers to lock their doors while class is in session to keep intruders out.

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