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See, Click, Fix: Unsightly lot full of weeds a nuisance

"Yeah, it's really aggravating," says Bettina Pauley.

Bettina is talking about a problem she has to look at and live right next to on Amay James Avenue: Unsightly land next door.

"We've seen like possum families over there and come over here and terrify the children," says Bettina. 

The weeds have grown out of control through every nook and cranny of the fence separating their properties. They scratch up vehicles that get parked in the driveway Bettina says. There has been so little upkeep the overgrowth also touches the roof of her home.

"I want my land to be nice and clean but because of this land it's just causing too much," says Bettina.

See, Click, Fix reached out to Charlotte Mecklenburg Code Enforcement on Bettina's behalf.

Officials say because this land is considered a "wooded lot" the overgrowth is technically not violating any codes.

All is not lost here though.

Bettina lives in a Habitat for Humanity home. After speaking to the Charlotte chapter officials say they will visit the property, and they have established enough relationships in the community that they could possibly get a business or volunteers to help cut back these weeds.

"I just want somebody to come do something," says Bettina.

See, Click, Fix is going to be following up with Habitat once they visit the site.

In fact, this is a big year for the organization. Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte is celebrating its 30th anniversary and Reid Park will be among the communities benefiting from the clean up and revitalization they will be doing there.

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