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A year later: the DNC

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's been one year since the Democratic National Convention (DNC) invaded Charlotte.  There were high hopes that after the DNC left, other big conventions and business transactions would happen.  One year later officials can't identify a major convention or business deal that Charlotte profited from because of the DNC.

"It does surprise me," 5 Church Restaurant Co-Owner Patrick Whalen said. "Because outside this restaurant, I think the city showed itself really well."

Councilman James Mitchell is surprised too.  He says the DNC has given the city swag but many want the extra business.  Mitchell has heard the city is lacking in two areas.  Those hindrances could be the reasons why Charlotte hasn't landed a big business venture as a result of the DNC.

Mitchell says the Charlotte Convention Center could be keeping big conventions away.

"I think we are missing something," Mitchell said. "Only we have not invested much money in our Convention Center. We need to."

He also says the city needs more hotels.  Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon says a year after the DNC left town, patience is still needed.

"It takes some level of time," Cannon said. "To be able to bring business development along, and I can tell you I have been engaged with ambassadors from other parts of the world and they have shown an interest in Charlotte."

While we wait for the city to continue to profit from the DNC, the city will use the DNC as part of the its DNA.

City leaders say big conventions, like the Baptist Convention,  are coming to Charlotte, but not because of the DNC.

The DNC pumped about $162 million into the local economy when it came to Charlotte in 2012.

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