Local Syrian-Americans keep close eye on possible strike

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Syrian-Americans living in Charlotte are paying close attention to the possible American intervention in their home country.

WBTV spoke with a Charlotte family, worried about their relatives in Syria. Mayada Idlibi moved to Charlotte almost 20 years ago, but her 85-year-old mother still lives in Aleppo, Syria.

Idlibi says she's upset with Syria's leader Bashar al Assad, and his alleged use of chemical weapons on Syrians.

"I don't know how he sleeps at night, watching what he's doing to his own people," she said.

Idlibi says her mother lives in an Aleppo apartment, just blocks away from recent bomb sites.

"I try to talk to her everyday now," Idlibi said.

WBTV met with Idlibi at Ali Baba restaurant in Charlotte. Her sons joined her as they watched the latest news on television.

Idlibi's son Osama called Syria home for a few short years, but he left the country in 1982 during Syria's last revolution.

"I had 3 uncles and a grandfather murdered by the prior Assad regime. One of my uncles was named Osama and so I was named after him," he said.

Osama Idlibi says he supports American intervention, but insists that intervention should have come sooner.

"We're sitting here and praying and hoping and wishing for the best," he said.

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