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School resource officer back on the job this week after gun accidentally fires


A York County Sheriff's deputy will be back on the job this week after his gun accidentally fired at a high school last week.

According to the York County Sheriff's Office, Deputy Dave Prescott's Glock 22 accidentally fired while in his holster at York Comprehensive High School early Monday morning.

The incident happened around 7:30 at a popular hangout spot on campus for students called Cougar Plaza.

Investigators say nearly 20 students were nearby when the gun went off. The bullet lodged into the sidewalk.

Sheriff's Office officials call the incident a freak accidents, but say they determined how it happened.

Using surveillance video from the school, investigators saw Deputy Prescott was trying to put his key in a gym bag as he was getting out of his car on Monday. Officials said it was how he was holding his key that undid the safety mechanism on the trigger.

"After he opens his door, he holds his keys between his first two fingers," said Brian Boling, a training manager with the sheriff's department, "And when he reached back to place those keys, the end of that key caught that holster and he didn't even realize that happened."

When they showed the video to reporters on Friday the students were blurred out.

However, it showed Deputy Prescott standing by his car and reaching behind. And then you see him startled and tapping his leg to figure out what went wrong.

Officials say they met with Prescott and recreated what happened.

They admit it is unusual for a gun like this to go off because it is a Glock and has several safety mechanisms.

They said his holster is an older model which did allow enough space for the key to get in. They are determining who else in the department has the older holsters.

Officials are also explaining to other officers exactly what happened with photos and a detailed advisory. They said it was an accident and don't want to see it repeated.

Prescott will return to work on Tuesday.

"They are eager to get Deputy Prescott back," said Major Robert Hudgins of York County Sheriff's Officer, "He's well thought of at York Comprehensive High School. They miss him dearly."

The superintendent said Prescott is more than a resource officer to students, he is a coach and mentor. The school district is happy with the investigation and confident in its findings.

Deputy Prescott has been the school's resource officer for the past eight years.

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