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Fake FBI cyber virus attacks computers


The Valdosta Police Department is issuing a scam alert. The chief is the latest victim of a cyber scam.

An email, claiming to be from the FBI, installed a virus on his computer.

"One week I believe we've seen 5 to 7 FBI infections," said Mark Hart with On Site Fast computer repair in Valdosta. He says these FBI viruses are keeping him busy.

Slammed with fixing multiple compromised computers a week, Hart says this specific virus has been going around for about a year. "For the most part, people come in they say they've gotten this FBI virus and they have no idea where it came from."

And that's what happened to Police Chief Brian Childress' computer Thursday. He opened an e-mail claiming to be from the FBI. "It said your computer is being taken over by the FBI Cyber Crime Unit."

The message said the computer would not unlock until he paid a fine. After contacting his buddies with the FBI he found out his computer had been targeted by "FBI Ransomeware."

"If you get an e-mail from the FBI that says you are under investigation and you owe money, it is totally a fraud. I can tell you I talked with the FBI, if they're looking for you, more than likely they're going to come knocking on your door," said Childress.

Childress jokes that its ironic his computer was targeted but says he's happy to get the message out there."If it can happen to me it can certainly happen to you. I don't mind taking a few hits in the public, a few jokes, to protect our community."

FBI officials say even if you do pay the fine your computer will still not unlock.

If your computer has been compromised by this virus, the FBI asks that you contact them.

CLICK HERE to file a complaint.

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