Brigida's Blog: Silencing my inner big girl

Anybody who has ever changed their life will tell you -- the last part of you that fully gets on board is your mind.

For me no matter what the scale says, no matter how many miles I can run without stopping (5!) and no matter what size clothing I can now fit into -- there are still moments where I have to actively silence my inner big girl.

Yes, after 40 lbs and more than a dozen inches off my body, she's STILL there.

And boy is she slick! I mean, just when you get comfortable she pops up. Almost as if on cue. That little voice in the back of your mind. You know the one. The naysayer. Telling you that you can't keep this up, you can't lose anymore weight or you can't really run your very first 10K (next weekend).

Welp, to her, I say: Watch. me. WERK!

I refuse to back down; to let that voice derail me. I've come too far, worked too hard and reached too many goals to stop now.

I'm reminded of these words I ready recently: "Don't be afraid to be GREAT. Stop running from your potential and step INTO it instead."

So I'm putting that little naysayer on notice: this is MY time, MY season. I'm walking (running, actually) into it!

But the truth is--she may always be there. Maybe that's the point. To keep me from getting comfortable.  But I can assure you of this: she will NOT be running the show. I AM!

So what's keeping you from stepping into your full potential? What's keeping you from owning your time, your season? Tweet me @brigidamack or reach out to me on Facebook: Brigida Mack WBTV.