Fast Food Picket; Latest On Syria

It's Thursday, 29 August 2013...good morning to you from the WBTV News morning team!  John Carter reporting to you this morning.  Please turn on your television if you haven't already...we have a lot of news to tell you about from 4:30 to 7:00 AM.

Are you planning to eat at a fast food restaurant today?  You may run into some lines.  Not lines of people waiting to get their food...but lines of workers who are picketing for a pay raise.  Here in Charlotte, across North Carolina and the nation today, workers will be asking for $15 an hour...currently, the federal minimum wage is $7.50.  Cam Man Ron Lee will join us live with more details.

We are monitoring the constantly new developments in Syria this morning.  Congressional Republicans and Democrats are pressing the President to explain why the U.S. should attack Syria. Lawmakers say the president has failed to make a case for U.S. military action.

We're hearing the 911 call made after detectives in Gastonia say a man murdered his roommate...then dismembered the body.

The Charlotte man accused of taking part in a melee between rival motorcycle gangs has a court hearing today.

Investigators say a Hendersonville funeral home misplaced bodies and the cremated ashes of some people.

All of South Carolina has been declared a federal disaster area as a result of the heavy rains that have inundated the state since last spring.

How about the weather in our area today?  Al Conklin will have your First Alert Weather forecast.  We're looking at a high around 90 degrees and a very high UV be sure to slather on that sunscreen when you head outdoors!

Be sure to tune in for my interview with Leeza Gibbons and Bill Rancic, the hosts of America Now.  The two were in Charlotte this week, and I got a chance to sit down with them and talk about some neat changes that are coming your way when the 4th season of America Now debuts on September 9.

Bobby Labonte broke three ribs in a bike riding accident Wednesday near his North Carolina home and will miss this weekend's NASCAR race in Atlanta.

The Carolina Panthers will play their final preseason game home...against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And a HUGE college football game's Carolina versus Carolina!!  The Tar Heels of UNC are traveling to Columbia to take on the Gamecocks of USC as the college football season kicks off!

All that and so much more...when you join us from 4:30 to 7:00 AM. See you then!!