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Scammer preying on patriotism


Kristel Swayze was sitting at work when she got a call from an alleged scam artist.

"He said you know how about $200 or $250," Swayze said, reliving the conversation.

Swayze said the caller was posing as a member of the National Guard and wanted money to support the armory in Concord.

"I asked him about himself and he said he was a guardsman here. He said that he lives in Charlotte and when he is deployed he would be deployed out of this Concord location," Swayze said.

After asking the man several questions, Swayze grew suspicious and contacted WBTV.

We called National Guard leaders to get answers.

Sergeant Robert Jordan said it appears the call was a scam. He told WBTV it is against policy for members of the National Guard to solicit money.

"The North Carolina National Guard does not solicit any funds. We are fully and solely funded by state and federal appropriations," Jordan said.

Sergeant Jordan said he also contacted the Concord Armory to see if they knew of any legitimate fundraising efforts going on at that location. They did not know of any legitimate efforts.

Police are investigating the alleged scam.

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