Sandy Parsons: 'Only thing I want right now is Erica to call home'

WBTV's David Whisenant and Sandy Parsons
WBTV's David Whisenant and Sandy Parsons

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - The adoptive father of missing teenager Erica Parsons says he is sorry for the way he has acted and hopes Erica will soon call to say that she is safe.

Erica Parsons was reported missing in late July after not being seen in nearly two years.

Her adoptive parents say she went to live with her biological grandmother and didn't want contact with them anymore.  They have not reportedly heard from her since February 2012.

The case has made national headlines and the Parsons even appeared on a two-part episode of the Dr. Phil show.
In an exclusive talk with WBTV's David Whisenant, Erica's adoptive father, Sandy Parsons, talked about a number of topics including his thoughts on Erica, death threats he and his wife have received, and a tattoo he says few people know about.
Sandy and other family members were back in Salisbury on Wednesday, loading up their belongings from their home as the family completes a move to Fayetteville.

Parsons says they are moving to get away from the constant media attention. He says what he wants more than anything else is for Erica to call home.
"The only thing I want right now is Erica to call home, tell us she's safe, and get my two babies," Parsons told WBTV.  "Nobody realizes that there's two small kids involved in this that do want to come home."
The Parsons two youngest children were taken by the Department of Social Services (DSS) when Erica was reported missing. During a custody hearing last week, the Parsons were told those children wouldn't be coming home.

"No judge in Rowan County will give me my kids back while this is going on," Parsons said. "And people riding by death threats, stuff like that, it just brings out the weirdos."

Parsons says he and his wife have been the target of harassment.

"They're flipping me off, hollering. I'm getting weird phone calls. You ought to hear some of the phone calls I got," he said."One at 1:30 in the morning, some woman, creepy voice, telling me she wants to kill me."

And Sandy Parsons says he's convinced Erica Parsons is still alive, but afraid to call. 
"There's been sightings, I've had family members call me recently and say there was a sighting at a rest stop," he claims. "We asked, 'why didn't you call the cops? Don't wait and call us - call the cops!'"

And then there was the incident with the U-Haul from Tuesday.

Sandy Parsons  pointed that truck directly at a group of reporters, stopping inches from cameras and reporters. On Wednesday, he said he was sorry saying his temper flared and that wasn't his normal behavior.

"I apologize," he told WBTV's David Whisenant. "I was just frustrated with the helicopters and I was getting phone calls - when I was doing all that yesterday - from the cops saying people were calling them, ringing the phone off the hook, saying you were running."

Parsons also addressed several of the items taken by investigators in the last few weeks.

He explained that the two knives in cling wrap taken from his home during a search earlier this month were his tools of the trade. Parsons worked for years as a butcher at Food Lion in Spencer and says it would not be unusual for a butcher to have wrapped knives.

Investigators also seized teeth from the Parsons home and from a work shed on property owned by the Parsons family.
"I had my baby boxes in there and they were tearing them apart, we saved the teeth for the tooth fairy," Parsons said.
Parsons also showed a tattoo on his bicep that he says few people knew that he had.  It's barbed wire with the initials of each child.

"My kids initials are tattooed on my arm in barb wire," Parsons added. "I got Erica dead center. I raised her and she wanted to go live with grandmother and that was fine. And now she don't want to come home, don't want to call."

Parsons also hinted that "the whole story" about Erica's disappearance would eventually come out.

"Whether it comes out now or comes out when she's an adult and floating around and having a kid somewhere, but I don't know," Parsons said.

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