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Salisbury residents worry about town's image


Along East Innes Street, Christos Family Restaurant has been a main stay for years.

While the Pizza Buffet is a big lunch time attraction, these days the main attention grabber is the Parsons case.

Salisbury Resident Taylor Ford is among those hoping for resolution.

He said, "When things like this happen, it's a real case.It's a real issue,but hopefully things will be resolved quickly."

Erica's adoptive parents have come under the glare of the national media, and their portrayals to many here haven't been flattering.

Jim Hopkins is a Salisbury resident who feels his community is being unfairly characterized.

"I don't know them personally,but when you see the things they said,the things the told it doesn't bode well for the people who live here,"Hopkins said.

Closure and a sense of normalcy are two of things that people in this Rowan County town want.

Aleashia Brandon worries that the case sends the wrong message.

"This is not how our community is,"she said."This doesn't portray our entire community. This is a great place to live and raise a family and work."

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