Stretching Your Dollar: What's cheap in August

August is probably not the time of year you think about heating fuel, but now is your time to buy.  Bumgarner Oil in Hickory is selling it for $3.48 a gallon, that's 11 cents less than October of this year.  The trend is for the cost to go up as the weather cools down, and if that trend continues, filling up the tank now means you'll save a lot of cash.

If you're in the market for a computer, this is the time of year when many stores drastically reduce their inventory.  They're hoping the back to school market will bring people in the door and leaving with a computer.

If you were eyeing outdoor furniture this spring or summer but didn't like the price tag you saw, if it is still in stock, it is probably marked down.  I spoke with the people at a Kannapolis Home Depot and they said their outdoor furniture is marked down 50% and more off the original price.

Have you noticed the mums at garden stores?  This is the time of year places like Dearness Gardens in Huntersville are stocking up on the fall favorites.  That means you're likely to find deals on the perennials from spring.  I called Dearness today and they said, what perennials are left, are marked down.  And while the weather is still warm, with a little tenderness and lots of water, you'll see blooms next spring.

We haven't had much opportunity to play in the sun this summer, but if you want a deal- bathing suits are drastically reduced.  Most summer apparel, or what's left of it, will be a huge savings between now and the end of Labor Day weekend.

Even school supplies will be discounted by Labor Day as retailers make room for fall items.

So be wise, especially on the big ticket items and make every penny count.

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