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50 years later after the I Have A Dream Speech


On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr gave his famous I Have a Dream Speech. 50 years later many will travel to Washington, DC to commemorate the gathering. 

In the speech, King focused on race relations and prosperity.  50 years later, how far have we come.

"I think today Dr. King would say he is still chasing the dream," President of Urban League Central Carolinas Dr. Patrick Graham said. "And that we must continue to chase it. And ensure that the young generation be prepared to chase the dream."

Graham traveled to DC for the commemoration. He hopes the festivities will make people refocus on the economic part of the I Have a Dream speech.

"I think that's the part that gets lost in a lot of our discussion," Graham said. "The original March on Washington was on jobs and freedom with an emphasis on jobs."

Issues that kept people back decades ago, Graham believes are still preventing people from experiencing economic freedom.

"Those are the same issues that plague us today," Graham said. "But I will say I am optimistic because there is a growing number of people who now realize that we should merge or marry our civic responsibilities to our economic wishes."

The president knows some causes for poverty and hopes things change.

"Many minorities and poor whites live in urban rural areas," Graham said. "That are inadequately underfunded in education as well as work force and entrepreneurial development."

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