N Charlotte Toyota Prius c is cheapest car to drive!

N Charlotte Toyota Prius c is cheapest car to drive!
N Charlotte Toyota Prius
N Charlotte Toyota Prius
new Toyota near Charlotte
new Toyota near Charlotte
Driving can get pretty expensive, especially with the constant rise of gas prices. However, if you drive a N Charlotte Toyota Prius c, you don't have to worry about this. A recent study by GasBuddy.com found that this new Toyota hybrid is the most affordable car to drive per mile! 

To find this information, GasBuddy.com calculated the fuel-cost-per-mile of more than 700 vehicles by taking their estimated fuel economy rating and dividing it by the national average per gallon of unleaded gas. It found the Toyota Prius c only costs 7.2 cents per mile, beating out its competitors!

Toyota Prius c in N Charlotte offers savings with each mile!

It's no secret that the N Charlotte Toyota Prius c is extremely fuel efficient, but who knew it could save you so much money? With an estimated fuel economy rating of 50 combined mpg, it's no wonder it's so affordable to drive! 

new Toyota in N Charlotte is not only affordable to drive; it's also affordable to buy with a starting MSRP just under $20,000. This means you can purchase it for a low price and then continue to save money as you drive it! 

New Toyota hybrid offers more than just efficiency

Although this new Toyota hybrid near Charlotte is mostly known for its incredible fuel efficiency and savings, there are many other benefits it has to offer. The Toyota Prius c is stylish, versatile, high-tech and safe!
  • This hybrid vehicle has a stylish hatchback design that makes it stand out in a crowd. The look of the Toyota Prius c so unique, everyone is sure to take notice. It's also designed for improved aerodynamics, which helps it achieve fantastic fuel efficiency!
  • This new Toyota is also super versatile with enough space for you, your passengers and all of their gear. It provides 17.1 cu. ft. of cargo space to fit everything you need and 60/40 split rear seats so you can bring even larger items. This makes it ready for shuttling your family around or packing up for a long road trip!
  • You'll even find some amazing high-tech features inside this new Toyota to give you the convenience and entertainment you want, including navigation and Entune! Entune is a multimedia system that wirelessly connects to your smart phone to give you access to some of your favorite apps, such as Pandora and iHeartRadio! With these features, you can always be sure to find your way and stay entertained in the process.
  • Along with all of these perks, it has some great safety features to keep you out of harm's way! This includes the Toyota Star Safety System, which helps enhance the vehicle's braking, traction and stability! It also includes nine airbags to give you protection in case of an accident.
Visit Toyota of N Charlotte today to check out this hybrid vehicle for yourself and get behind the wheel with a test drive! We're located at 13429 Statesville Rd. just off I-77 on exit 23. You can also call our Internet Sales Team at (888) 883-3797 with any questions. 


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