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New Toyota near Charlotte maintain their value!

new Toyota for sale new Toyota for sale
N Charlotte Toyota FJ Cruiser N Charlotte Toyota FJ Cruiser

If you've decided to update your transportation and get a new vehicle, then you might want to consider taking home a new Toyota near Charlotte! Not only are these cars recognized for how reliable and stylish they are, but KBB.com has recently praised them for their high resale value! In fact, in the top-ten list that KBB.com recently complied of the cars that offer the best resale value, four were Toyota vehicles and one was a Scion! This means that you have more than one vehicle to consider if you want to take home a new car from Toyota of N Charlotte that will not only help you arrive at your next destination, but also offer incredible value if you ever want to sell it in the future!

Which N Charlotte Toyota offer the best resale value?

If you want to get a new Toyota near Charlotte that will sell for a high price in the future, then there's more than one option to consider! Take a look at these vehicles that were awarded the Best Resale Value Award! 

  • Toyota FJ Cruiser: The new Toyota FJ Cruiser near Charlotte is praised for not just being a rugged and comfortable option, but it takes the number one spot as offering the best predicted resale value! This ride is also a great vehicle to enjoy if you're interested in taking on roads that aren't exactly smoothly paved, either. It's specifically designed to handle not just rough terrain, but also steep inclines, and cross rivers and creeks up to a certain depth!
  • Toyota Tacoma: The Toyota Tundra is a pretty well-known truck, but so is the more compact Toyota Tacoma! It has won the Best Resale Value Award TEN TIMES and is one of the most popular mid-size pickup trucks available on the market right now. 
  • Toyota 4Runner: Style and space are both features that many drivers want to enjoy, but it's also common for car owners to want to have access to plenty of versatility while out on the road, too. The N Charlotte Toyota 4Runner easily meets these preferences and even more. It's designed to provide plenty of room to keep occupants comfortable, but is also prepared to take on rough roads and un-paved paths whenever the need arises!
  • Toyota Land Cruiser: It's hard to beat the luxurious features that come in this Toyota SUV. With leather detailing, a rear-seat entertainment system, four-zone automatic climate control, and even more, it's no wonder this Toyota is praised for its high resale value!

Take home a valuable new Toyota today!

If you're ready to enjoy a vehicle that will offer a stylish and dependable way to take on the town, then why not start by test-driving some new Toyota that have received awards for the valuable transportation they offer? 

These are just a few of the new cars drivers can choose to take home today. If you think any one of these vehicles can meet your preferences, why not come by to explore them in person? We're easy to get at 13429 Statesville Road in Huntersville. Stop by whenever you can! 


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