Does your child have the required back to school vaccines?

Back to school vaccinations

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Classes in most area school districts begin Monday.

Before starting school every student is required to have certain immunizations.

"It's important for the safety of our community, the health of our community," said Charlotte Mecklenburg School Nurse Nancy Pruden.

CMS says it is serious about these shots and advises parents to do the same.

"Make sure they've had enough of the Tetanus shots, Polio, Measles, Mumps and Rubella," said Pruden.

"Also Hepatitis B and for younger children it's now required that they have the Varicella vaccine."

That's why they are encouraging all parents call their health care provider and find out if their child is up to date.

"Or you can go to the school nurses or the front office of your school and they can look at your child's record just to verify," added Pruden.

School officials also want to remind you that North Carolina law requires students entering sixth grade to get a Tdap booster shot.

"And that's an adolescent form of Tetanus and Pertussis," said Pruden.

The district is also working on getting the word out to transfer students from other countries and non-English speaking homes.

"We can pretty much figure out what they need and what they've had to add to it or if they come with no records and many of them do I start the vaccine process all over again," said Pruden.

Students who don't have all their shots by September 24 will not be allowed to return to class until they can show the right paperwork.

"And it they don't have insurance they can call the health department and make an appointment."

Administrators say there is an exception to the rule - religious beliefs.

CMS tells parents if that's their reason they just have to write a letter of explanation to the school.

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