WARRANT: Teeth, hammer, video found during new search in missing teen case

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Investigators in Rowan County have release another set of search warrants in the case of a missing Salisbury teen, who was reported missing nearly two years after she was last seen.

According to investigators, Erica Parsons was reported missing on July 30 to the Sheriff's Office by her step-brother James. She was reportedly last seen in November 2011 at a home along the 200-block of Miller Chapel Road, in Salisbury, when she was 13-years-old.

On Wednesday investigators searched a red wooden storage building at a home along the 200-block of Sutton Road in China Grove.

The building is described as a "small, red colored one-story wood-frame structure with a shingled roof" behind the home. It has a single-door in the front, the search warrant states.

WBTV has learned that the storage building belongs to Erica's adoptive father, Sandy Parsons.

Rowan County tax show the home and property have been owned by William and Janet Parsons, Sandy Parsons' parents, since 1995.

According to the warrants, investigators seized a video tape, pieces of a vacuum cleaner, teeth, a hammer and school records.

This is the second property search that investigators have done since Erica was reported missing.

A search was done on August 16 along the 200-block of Miller Chapel Road, the home of Erica's adoptive parents Casey and Sandy Parsons.

During that search, investigators logged information about 68 items that they removed from the house.

That list includes a "plastic bag with JonBenet Ramsey magazines" and a "JonBenet book with notes inside about remodeling house."

The warrant says there was drywall cut and removed from a closet area with red stains. The section was tested for blood, the warrant states. Investigators also took baseboards from the closet with red stains.

The second set of warrants, which was released on Wednesday evening, references the initial search that was done.

"During that search, investigators failed to located any evidence of Erica Parsons still living here or any evidence that her room or personal living area still remained in the home," the warrant stated.

Investigators say the evidence in the home indicated that Casey and Sandy Parsons knew Erica would not be returning home.

In addition to finding photos and books about the death of JonBenet Ramsey inside the Parsons home, the new warrant states that investigators also found material on the "South Carolina Susan Smith case."

On Wednesday, the Rowan County Sheriff's Office announced a $15,000 reward for information in Erica's disappearance. The Sheriff's Office offered $10,000 and was joined by talk-show host Dr. Phil - who offered a $5,000 after Casey and Sandy Parsons appeared on his show on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Erica is believed to be just over four-feet tall and is known to be small for her age.  She had brown hair and brown eyes with fair skin. Casey and Sandy Parsons have insisted Erica's biological grandmother Irene Goodman is with their daughter. WBTV discovered Erica had a biological grandmother Goodman, but her name was Cloie Goodman and she died in 2005.

If you have information about Erica Lynn Parsons, you are asked to call the Rowan County Sheriff's Office at 704-216-8700.

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