See, Click, Fix: Semi's parking illegally at shopping center

See, Click, Fix: Semis illegally using lot

The headline on the See, Click, Fix complaint we received reads: "Tractor Trailers using parking lots as truck stops."

The location: The KMart shopping center in the 2700 block of Freedom Drive in Charlotte. Shopper Terris Hood says she has seen the problem too.

"I thought some illegal things were going on. I really did," says Terris.

We scoped out the location for a few days to witness the problem for ourselves. And sure enough, we saw two, three, even four 18-wheelers parked there at a time.

During one of our stops there saw the red and signs that clearly say, "No parking. KMart customers only." What's in question here is the fact it says "enforced 24 hours."

On a different day we saw drivers boldly ignoring a bigger black and white sign, warning trucks parked overnight would be "towed at the owners expense."

The anonymous viewer who wrote See, Click, Fix says, "Some trucks are there for overnight stays, but others are there for days and weeks."

"A lot of times I wouldn't come up here because I would see those trucks," Terris says.

When we confronted KMart directly, it seems they heard your complaints loud and clear.

An assistant store manager told WBTV's Christine Nelson KMart's corporate office hired a towing company and she believed some trucks had already been towed.

Since then, this is what the parking lot has been looking like now. We visited on random days and found drivers got the hint. No semi's in sight!

A welcome view says Terris, "It has gotten a whole lot better!"

And another See, Click, Fix problem solved.

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