Back-to-school forecast: Rain!

Good morning! It's Monday, August 19. This is Christine Nelson sending you this quick email. By the time you get this we'll be live on the air helping you get out the door with the most reliable coverage of news, weather and traffic. So tune in right now!

For some of you, it's the first day back to school in your household! The school districts that start today: Avery County, Chester County, Lancaster County, Watauga County. It's safe to say these are getting or got some rain overnight so it will be a wet start. We have live team coverage of what to expect when you head out the door this morning. We know how important that will be with the back-to-school rush. Also follow us on Twitter and Facebook. On, Twitter we'll be using the hashtag #WBTVB2S ("B2S" is for back to school!). So if you're tweeting us the same hashtag too. You can find us on Facebook at

RIGHT NOW: A Rock Hill woman is missing this morning. Officials are especially worried about her whereabouts after her pickup truck was discovered over the weekend, abandoned.

Also, You may have seen that Amber Alert come across your television screens last night. Officials were looking for a 10-year-old boy. We have details about how he was discovered, safe and sound.

The Matthews man, who was one of the UPS pilots killed in that plane crash last week, is going to be laid to rest soon. We have details on his funeral arrangements.

See you on the air!