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Local woman warns drivers about craigslist car buyer

Drivers, pay close attention! A local woman sold her car online, and within a few hours, she says the buyer filed an insurance claim against her, possibly costing her thousands.

Tina Letteer sold her car on craigslist earlier this month, but she says things took a scary turn and quickly when she got a call from her insurance company. She says the buyer used her insurance company to file the claim. 

"We started discussing price. We came to the agreement of $1400," Letteer said.

Letteer says after the buyer took off in her former 2003 minivan, she never expected to hear from him again. A few days later, her insurance company called about a medical claim filed.

"I was like I didn't file a claim. She (insurance company representative) said well there is a claim against you," Letteer said.

Letteer said the buyer told her insurance company he was beaten up while sitting inside the van. She says the alleged beating happened within hours of the sale.

WBTV tracked down the seller by phone. We're not naming him because he wasn't charged with anything, but he agreed to explain why he filed the claim.

"I was actually told by an attorney to do that," he said.

Tina Letteer says she canceled her insurance after the buyer drove off in the van. Tom Bartholomy, the president of the Better Business Bureau of the Southern Piedmont says Letteer made a critical mistake.

"Yet another warning you have to look for with craigslist," he said.

Bartholomy says you should cancel your insurance before handing over the keys. After days of investigation, Letteer found out her insurance company threw out the questionable claim. She says her ordeal was a close call.

"They warn you about buyer beware but nobody ever tells you seller beware," she said.

The North Carolina Department of Insurance has helpful tips to make sure you don't become a victim. Visit the DOI site by clicking here.

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