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Casino coming to Cleveland County?


Conversations are underway with the governor's office that could put a new casino in Cleveland County.

At least one commissioner is confirming talks with the Mc Crory administration, and published reports say that casino would be run by the Catawba Indian Nation.

Remnants of empty poker parlors offer the reminders of what used to be at the crossroads of two states.

The CSX rail line and Highway 29 are the arteries connecting Cleveland County North and Cherokee County South Carolina.

Leah Oaks has worked at the Carribean Convenience store at exit 106, near I-85 over the last four years.

She remembers when the building was a thriving gambling establishment.

"We do need some jobs in Cleveland and in Cherokee County, and even if this goes through, and do something in Cleveland County that's still jobs for Cherokee County," Oaks said.  

While jobs were plentiful during the era when video gambling had its place, long time residents here remember a time when work was easy to come by.

Bobby Green grew up in Cleveland County.

"There used to be three or four hosiery mills in Kings Mountain and there were several weave shops around.

What's been good for the Cherokee reservation these last few years may not have the same impact in Cleveland County.

Those who remember traffic congestion poker parlors brought to this road have another point of view.

Jerry Sigmon lives in Cherokee County, and calls it a moral issue.

"I think it's bad on account that most people get hooked on gambling, and kids suffer at Christmas time," he said." People taking their pay checks and spending them in these gambling joints."

Along the main drag in Grover, North Carolina vacant sweepstakes parlors provide another flashback, but the residents feel the empty businesses point to a pressing need.

Dennis Smith is another Cleveland County Resident who would like to see new employment.

"This place needs some jobs created around here," Smith said.

While Governor McCrory has been able to run the tables with a GOP house and senate, key Republicans are promising that the governor may have a fight on his hands.

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