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Fall allergy sufferers feeling their symptoms early this year


If you are starting to feel your fall allergies coming on, but you think it's too early because we're only halfway through August, you're not alone.

"It seems like it is earlier. Normally they don't hit until the end of August or September but I've been sneezing and congested a lot lately," said allergy sufferer Helen Herpel.

Dr. Rhett Brown at Novant Health Midtown Family Medicine says there are several reasons allergy sufferers are suffering early this year.

"We have had such a wet summer and the amount of mold and mildew is huge. The mold spores are out and that's going to trigger people who usually find that in fall or early spring," Dr. Brown said.

He also pointed to a cooler than normal summer which is bringing ragweed out earlier, and the many weather fronts which have blown through the area.

"Much of the pollen we experience actually starts in Tennessee and it is blown our way over the mountains. With all of those weather fronts coming in that stuff is being blown right to us," Brown added.

Dr. Brown says saline nose spray really helps as does taking a shower when you get home to wash the pollen off of you. If over the counter medicines don't seem to be doing the trick he also suggests talking to your doctor about a nasal steroid spray.

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