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65 people netted during overnight DWI checkpoint

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police debuted new head-mounted cameras during a DWI checkpoint early Friday morning.
It's the latest technology to hit the force.  A lipstick camera mounted on a pair of glasses officers wear to record their interactions with the public.
So far, it's a big hit.
Officials wearing the devices said as soon as people notice the camera, and figure out they're being recorded, they become much more docile and less abusive toward law enforcement.
The devices got a real workout during a large DWI checkpoint held along Central Avenue in east Charlotte.
Police agencies every year dedicate at least one of these DWI events to the family of Jennifer Zartman.
She was a 21-year old woman killed by a drunk driver in 2006 in Wilmington.
Her parents Nancy Edwards and Randy Zartman were on hand as police busted dozens of people for various offences.
Police said in just the first 30 minutes of being there, seven people were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.
As the night progressed, more arrests were made.
11 people were picked up on DWI charges, 29 for not having a drivers license and 2 people who had outstanding warrants on them.  The rest were miscellaneous offences.
One thing happened that many in the department had never seen in all of their years patrolling the streets.
A man in a wheelchair was behind the wheel of a specially modified truck, when he was asked to get out of the vehicle on suspicion of being intoxicated.
The man was given a breathalyzer test, which police said he failed.
He was arrested, handcuffed, and driven down to the Law Enforcement Center in the front seat of a patrol car.
His truck was towed away.
Police said if you're hit with a DWI charge, once you add up the citations, court costs and the money you have to get your car out of the impound lot, it could end up costing around $10,000.
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