Investigators: Parsons' interview with WBTV raised their suspicions

Good morning! It's Friday, August 16. This is Christine Nelson sending you this quick email. I'm about to go on the set but wanted to let you know first about the stories we're covering this morning on WBTV News This Morning. We're live on the air and streaming on the web from 4:30-7:00 a.m.

Erica Parsons investigation

WBTV continues to get the latest developments in the search for Erica Parson. You'll hear more about what was confiscated by authorities when they searched the home of her adoptive parents. We also learned in that warrant there were certain things the Parsons said in their exclusive interview with WBTV that raised investigators' suspicions. We'll will replay some of what was a "red flag" for officials.

Also, Charlotte police are on the offensive when it comes to stopping any resurgence of the Hidden Valley Kings gang. We'll tell you how police are using social media to identify the people they suspect are gang members in the area.

We have covered many stories to see that drinking and driving kills. This morning WBTV Cam Man is a DUI checkpoint. It is one that officials are doing in honor of a drinking and driving victim.

We had a break from the rain but it's back in the forecast...unfortunately for this weekend. Meteorologist Kelly Franson is getting you caught up and we'll have your first alert traffic updates every 10 minutes.

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