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AAA: Lancaster Co. ranks 4th for motorcycle fatalities in SC


Every time you get behind the wheel, anywhere, you risk serious injury or even worse… death. According to AAA, your risk is greater in Lancaster County.

Based on crash data collected last year, AAA ranks Lancaster County 4thin the category "best chance to have an injurious wreck" or best chance to have a wreck with injuries.

Nationally, rural roads account for two-thirds of fatal crashes due to more curse insufficient road markings and limited police presence, according to AAA officials.

We went to Lancaster County, drove some of the roads and talked to drivers who say they feel pretty safe.

"It's not as dangerous as people think it is, but it can be pretty tough," said driver Wayne Barber.

"I see a lot more crashes on the North side of Charlotte and over in Gaston County than I do in Lancaster County," said Fred Williams.

AAA also ranked Lancaster County 4thin best chance to have a fatal motorcycle accident and we found a couple of motorcyclist who say they can agree with that.

"I had a few friends in the past couple of years die in motorcycle accidents. Majority of them here in Lancaster County," said Motorcyclist John Laney.

"I almost got hit 5 times within two weeks, so I thought this is not the place for me to have a bike and I just sold it," said motorcyclist Lea Mayers.

The county is showing improvement. In 2011 Lancaster county ranked 2ndby AAA for fatal Motorcycle accidents.

"Pay attention and be aware because motorcycles are harder to see," said Laney.

Riders are saying this should be a wakeup call for drivers.

AAA ranks Charleston County as the most dangerous county in South Carolina.

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