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CMPD using social media to ID gang members

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In a neighborhood that's been stigmatized by recent deadly violence, Hidden Valley residents are aghast with how so called gang members are getting their messages out.

Randy Baxter is one resident courageously choosing to speak out on neighborhood safety.

He said, "I didn't know they were going that far out, but that's ridiculously crazy."

What Baxter calls ridiculously crazy is that individuals named by CMPD are using social media to distribute their message of lawlessness.

Local police have shutdown a number of Youtube pages they say are connected to the Hidden Valley Kings.

Prior to pulling the plug on a number of webpages, CMPD captured a series of disturbing images that demonstrate the potential for gun violence.

Captain Cort Vorhees is among those assigned to this case.

CMPD this week released more than 70 pages of legal documents, and it was clear the electronic evidence leading them to gang leaders that could be found online.

"The Hidden Valley Kings established themselves in Charlotte in the late 80's," he said. "We identified people that were causing trouble within the Hidden Valley Community."

In building their case, CMPD says that HVK gang members were identified in this Boss Dog Beatz video.

CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe said that the department has consulted with outside help in going after this group.

"We've had gang experts from around the country that's come in and helped us review this video to help put it in its proper perspective to help build this case and move forward on the civil injunction," Monroe said.

Back in the neighborhood, Randy Baxter is taking this stand.

"We need not to walk in fear, "he said." We need to show boldness in the midst of fear and attack that thing."

The next test comes next week, when CMPD pursues its case in a Mecklenburg County Courtroom.

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