NEW: Pilot of crashed UPS plane from Matthews

Hello. It's Thursday, August 15. This is Christine Nelson sending you this quick email on the stories we're working on for WBTV News This Morning. We're on the air from 4:30-7:00 a.m. and streaming live on the web at

NEW INFO: We learned overnight there is a local connection to the UPS plane crash in Birmingham, Alabama. One of the pilots is from our area. We're also getting information on whether officials have recovered the black box and voice recorder that could provide more clues on what happened before the plane went down.

LIVE: We are staying on top of the search for Erica Parsons. The search of her adoptive parents' home has been the big story. We are connecting with officials learning a little bit more about what was taken away from the home. WBTV Cam Man Ron Lee is live in Rowan County. He has more details on whether the parents will be interviewed again today.

Also, we are counting down to back-to-school! Some teachers are hitting the classrooms now getting things ready for the first day.

What do you think about an app to block teens from texting while driving? It's being developed and we have more details on it to share with you.

I noticed quite a difference in the air when I stepped out this morning. It certainly doesn't feel like summer right now. Meteorologist Kelly Franson will have the latest on the forecast and Tonya Rivens updates the commute every 10 minutes.

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