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Near-miss for N.C. trooper renews concerns for move over law

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Do you know what North Carolina's 'Move Over' law is? Do you know can get a hefty fine if you don't follow it?

The North Carolina Highway Patrol released new video Wednesday of state trooper's near miss with a tractor trailer.

It has renewed concern for the safety of troopers and other law enforcement and officials want to make sure drivers are aware and are following the 'Move Over' law.

The trooper had stopped a driver on the side of the highway and had to jump out the way when he saw the 18 wheeler careening toward him.

Jacquelyn Jones, of Charlotte, knew exactly what the law entails but still couldn't believe how close the trooper came to tragedy.

"Oh my God," she said. "It's very scary. I mean the cop could have lost his life."

North Carolina's move over law is designed to keep law enforcement and other first responders safe.

It mandates you move over to another lane when ever you see one of them stopped on the side of the highway.

"But supposed you can't move over," wondered Dave Cook.

That was his question after seeing the video.

If you can't move over to the next lane, the law states you have to reduce your speed by more than half. That way the potential of something happening is not as likely.

Back to Jones who also pointed out others beside the state trooper could have been hurt or even killed.

"The 18 wheeler that could have ran over somebody, and, yeah, they should enforce it," she said.

If you don't reduce your speed by more than half, you can still be stopped -- and ticketed.

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