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Student charged with digitally rigging college election


A big punishment for an online hacking scheme.

A college student charged with rigging an election is now facing jail time.

It happened at a university in California.  The computer team that runs the university network noticed lots of votes coming from the same computer.

WBTV's cyber expert Theresa Payton explains below what happened and what you should say to your kids to ensure they don't get caught up in something similar: 


The student installed keyloggers onto computers which allowed him to watch people log in so he could collect their passwords.  Computer techs estimate he stole almost 750 ids and passwords.

He then used the stolen credentials to vote for himself and his friends.

Police searched his computer and found search terms such as "rig", "keylogger", and even "jail time for keylogger"

He bought the keyloggers.

When he got caught, he created fake Facebook pages using real students' names, posted fake posts and tried to make it look like he was being framed


If it's wrong to do in the physical world, the same rules apply to the digital world

Using a keylogger to steal ids and passwords is never okay

Unauthorized access to any type of account will cross the line with the law but each state has their own set of penalties

Using the identity of another person online is consider fraud and could also have its own set of penalties

Our word of the week is TORtilla.  To learn more about the project, click here.

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