HAPPENING NOW: Search for hikers in Pisgah Forest

Good morning to you. It's Christine Nelson and today is Wednesday, August 14. I want to give you a first look at the stories we're working on for WBTV News This Morning from 4:30-7:00 a.m. By the time you get this email we'll be minutes away from being live on air.

RIGHT NOW: Rescue teams are combing Pisgah National Forest for two missing hikers right now. They were part of a group of three. One of the hikers returned to safe ground and said the two others went back in the forest but never returned. We have new video in the newsroom on the efforts to find them.

Also, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is weeks away from starting the school year. This year, there will be noticeable absences due to budget cuts. We'll tell you who will no longer be part of the staff after the budget was approved last night.

NEW: A man was killed last night in Charlotte after a train accident. We have details on the eyewitness account told to police.

Those stories and your first alert weather and traffic updates every 10 minutes when you tune us in.

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