Clumsy doggie can't find a forever home

Looking for a loving home

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary in Salisbury is a nice place for unwanted animals to find someone who wants them. But for Wyatt the dog, it's no place to grow up.

"I think he knows he's not like everybody else," says Andrea Gemayel, assistant manager at Forever Friends. Wyatt, and American Pit Bull, came to them more than 3 months ago when his owner couldn't care for him because of a neurological condition that causes him to be clumsy.

Andrea says his overall health is perfect, but he needs special care from an adoptive parent, and so far that hasn't happened.

"We don't just find them a home and say here you go. We promise every dog that this time, it's forever," Andrea said.

Wyatt sometimes stumbles while walking, or walks in crooked lines, or can bump into things and fall over. Andrea says the condition isn't life threatening and mostly just makes him appear clumsy. She says she's convinced his best friend is out there waiting for him, too.

"I know someone out there has the time and that love to give Wyatt. And when you meet him you'll see. You can't meet him and not love him," Andrea said.

Anyone interested in Wyatt or any of the other dozens of adoptable dogs and cats at Faithful Friends should email,

Or check out their website at

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