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Getting kids mentally prepared for "back to school"


Sometimes the hardest part about the end of the summer is getting kids into the right mindset to get back into their school routine.

We asked Coach LaMonte to offer some advice to parents in helping their kids refocus.  He says students must make the GRADE:

G Group Effort: School is an entire family effort.

R Reinforce Boundaries: Having set boundaries in place with our kids to set the tone for the school year.

A Ambitions: Create strategies and goals with your kids. Help kids set milestones of what they want to achieve by the end of school year. Also, key ways to keep kids on task of reaching.

D Discipline: Create a pattern of effective disciplines so that your kids don't make the news (This will build for the next segment in two weeks where we touch on the CMS brawl and focus on what we can do to make school safe)

E Expectation: Parents must learn to drive expectations keep kids focused on the end result.

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