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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Do Politicians Respect Teachers?


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(Dr. Heath Morrison)

In our country, we respect things by how we compensate it.

That's Charlotte-Mecklenburg school superintendent, Dr. Heath Morrison, responding to the pay our North Carolina teachers will receive this year.

He wasn't thrilled with the current numbers.

Dr. Morrison makes a good point, and it got us thinking…Do our politicians really respect teachers?

Education leaders tell us that thanks to the recently passed $20.6 billion dollar state budget, North Carolina teachers' average salary may drop to about 48th in the country.

We think that's disrespectful. Not long ago, North Carolina teacher pay ranked in the 20s.

What happened?

We know one doesn't become rich by becoming a teacher, but pay for teachers in the Tar Heel state should not have declined that much.

Our politicians should fix this sooner rather than later.

Lawmakers say raises will come next year for teachers.

But it appears that's too late.

Good teachers are already leaving us...going to other states they believe appreciate them more.

We know these teachers do their job for the love of children.

But state leaders, don't let a teacher's love drive him or her to the poor house.

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