Remains of missing SC girl found

Hello. It's Friday, August 9. This is Christine Nelson, sending you a quick email to let you know what we're covering on WBTV News This Morning. I went over the show with producers, a lot of news happened overnight while you were sleeping.

A major break in a missing teen case out of South Carolina. The body of Gabbie Swainson has been found. We have information on how the sole suspect in the case had a hand in helping officials find the girl's body.

We are staying on top of a WBTV exclusive on-camera interview with the adoptive parents of Erica Parsons. She's the missing girl from Rowan County who hasn't been since 2011 but was just reported missing days ago. We'll let you hear more of the interview and how two sets of parents are telling two very different stories about the missing girl's whereabouts.

Wait until you hear the numbers when we tell you how much it costs a middle-income family to raise a child until the age of 17. It's a story WBTV's Astrid Martinez is looking into this morning. She'll tell the specific element that costs the most when raising a child. (Hint: It's not food or clothing!)

I have to get to the set now. John Carter is on assignment so I'm flying solo! Al Conklin and Tonya Rivens are here to give you the most reliable weather and traffic updates.