And the Powerball jackpot goes to....

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Are you feeling like a million bucks this morning? There are three Powerball winners feeling that way but they're not in North or South Carolina. (boo!) The winning tickets were sold in two states outside of the Carolinas. We'll tell you where and, of course, tell you what the winning numbers are.

The FBI is now involved in the search for a missing teen from Rowan County. There is a strange twist because the girl has been gone for more than a year and was just reported missing!

LIVE: We are remembering the life of a local civil rights leader this morning. He's a man who gave a voice to a lot of people in Charlotte who didn't have one. WBTV Cam Man Ron Lee has a live report on the life of Julius Chambers and how he's being remembered.

Plus...if you get a call demanding you pay your Duke Energy bill or face disconnection - it could be a scam! We're on your side with details to protect your pocketbook!

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