Local school districts weigh in on bus drivers breaking up fights

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Video of a fight breaking out on a school bus in Florida has made national headlines after the driver of the bus refused to step in to help a teenage boy being beaten by three older boys.

That driver was following the policy for his school district, saying he was not allowed to interfere.

The video has sparked questions with local parents about rules and procedures are for local school districts when school starts back soon.

WBTV investigated and most local school districts bus drivers are allowed to step in during fights.

Officials from the Lancaster County School District, in South Carolina, say if trouble happens on the bus, the driver is to pull over and call 911 immediately.

The driver is to use verbal commands first, if that does not work then the bus driver has the authority to break up the fight.

The same rules apply to bus drivers in Rock Hill School District #3 and the Union County School district, in North Carolina.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) district officials say there is no written policy of what to do, but the district does have recommended procedures.

CMS leaders say if a fight happens on the bus, the driver should pull over and call the area office. The area office will then call 911.

CMS says the driver can break up a fight, if they feel comfortable doing it.  If they don't, they can wait until police arrive.

School districts say they will be going over these procedures with drivers as they return for back to school orientation.

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