Powerball grows again to $425 million

Good morning! Glad to be back with you this morning!! It's Christine Nelson here - sending you this quick email from my desk in the newsroom. Here is a look at some of the stories that we'll be reporting on when you turn on WBTV News This Morning. We're on the air and live streaming on the web from 4:30-7:00 a.m.


What would you do with $425 million dollars? You could be legitimately asking yourself that question after the Powerball numbers are drawn tonight. We've been following this story overnight and what we saw could mean tonight's jackpot could increase even higher before the drawing! You'll understand when we air the video we shot.

The home where those three Ohio women were held captive and tortured will no longer be a part of the landscape in the neighborhood. We'll tell you what's happening to Ariel Castro's house, that brings terrible memories to the community and the victims.

Can you believe school starts for many students later this month? Your child may be getting involved in sports at the same time and there is one thing parents and student-athletes need to make sure is happening to prevent possible injury. WBTV's Astrid Martinez is on your side with information that could decrease an athlete's chances of getting hurt.

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